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Brief Introduction

Why build the Shalun Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site?
The Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site of the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City has been established in accordance with the government’s "5+2 Innovation R&D Plan – Green Energy Technology Industry Innovation" policy. This site aims to boost green energy technology development; showcase a green living environment; provide complete green energy R&D , testing, verification, and site matching; and develop a green energy industry chain. In addition, we are integrating green energy technology into a sustainable environmental design to determine the impact of different energy-use efficiencies interactively, draw users closer to technology, and promote the use of green energy products and technologies through interactive educational entertainment.
Developmental Goals
  1. Provide a complete testing and verification site for advanced energy production and applications
  2. Provide a smart, green energy experimental site for visitors
  3. Implement a smart power dispatching system with clean energy supply
Shalun Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site Energy Supply Energy Storage and Adjustment Energy Use
What are the functions of our site?

The Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City will provide clean energy supply, management, dispatch, and smart energy-saving systems and interfaces to build a demonstration site as a national green energy technology model. The major development goals are promoting the national green energy industry plan, enhancing green energy applications, and linking international sources . Our site links the industrial chain through the application of materials, components, and modular systems as a development base for rapid domestic and international industrialization of R&D technologies. Through building a site performance and reliability testing platform to achieve international standard verification of industrial technologies and provide a showroom for potential domestic and international customers, we aim to expand the green energy industry into the international market.

Our site is located in Area D of the Shalun Smart Green Science City in the Tainan High-Speed Rail Specific Area , covering an area of 7.44 Ha. In line with the government’s five major schemes implemented for promoting green energy, our site will integrate four schemes––energy creation, conservation, storage, and smart systems––to combine industry, academia, and research  in order to create world-class Green Energy Technology Demonstration Applications. The primary planning and construction details  include a clean energy center; a smart, green community; energy supply and management; processing verification; and links to integrate the requirements of the related industry and supply chain. We will combine industry endeavors and jointly  build a sustainable green energy environment.

Industry Promotion Function Demonstration Performance Verification Supply Chain Integration with Industry Demands
Energy Creation Energy Storage Energy Conservation System Integration
Integrate resources and talents to establish green energy testing and verification fields
Provide complete testing and verification fields for advanced green energy processing and applications
Integrate innovative R&D to establish value-added green energy industries
Apply corporative  technologies to add value to academic research results and patent layouts. Supply international certification systems to connect them with global networks
Establish a technology showroom to expand the international market
Provide domestic and international companies with a one-stop shop to test innovative technologies and product performance
Provide experienced field personnel to ensure smart green living
By establishing an energy network, a smart green community, and a rotating testbed, the demonstration site provides experienced field personnel to ensure smart green living.
Invested resources and expected benefits
To generate synergy  and accelerate the development of a domestic green energy industry through organizing the R&D resources on the demonstration site, the government of Taiwan has invested NT$6.316 billion. The expected benefits are listed as follows.
  1. The demonstration site will showcase green energy R&D results and provide a base for developing the green energy industry in Taiwan, allowing the latest products and technologies to be demonstrated worldwide while expanding international trade.
  2. Through the platform of the Shalun Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site, industry, academia, and research institutes will have easier access to technology, information, and other services. Furthermore, additional benefits will be created through cooperation , leading to the accelerated development of new technologies and products.
  3. The Shalun Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site will become a vital place for accumulating research results and storing rich materials for educational advancement, giving future generations more resources to guide and assist them in accomplishing further innovation and establishing startups.
  4. The township of Shalun will be enlivened through an attractive workforce and an increase in economic activity.
Construction Milestones of the Shalun Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site
  • Second-stage  personnel begin to be stationed at the site
  • Second stage of construction completed (the third district: lab building, Intelligent Green Energy Demonstration House)
  • Opening ceremony of Shalun Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site
  • First stage personnel are stationed at the site
  • First stage of construction completed (First and second districts: green energy pilot plant)
  • Beam-raising ceremony at the Shalun Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site
  • United g roundbreaking ceremony at the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City
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